Paris Olympics 2024

Paris Olympics 2024 : Fully Enjoy the Olympics with luxury concierge services

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are rapidly approaching, attracting visitors from around the world to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship in the City of Light. To make your experience unforgettable, there’s nothing better than a luxury concierge service offering personalized assistance to meet all your needs.

I – VIP Tickets to Luxury Transfers

Imagine attending the Paris 2024 Olympics in VIP seats reserved exclusively for you. With our luxury concierge and network, you can secure privileged tickets for the most sought-after competitions. Also, take advantage of our chauffeur-driven car service; we have a fleet of high-end vehicles at your disposal. We handle your transfers from your arrival at the airport to your accommodation or Olympic sites, eliminating the stress associated with travel during the event.

II – Prestigious Accommodation

To ensure your stay matches the exceptional event that is the Paris 2024 Olympics, enjoy a selection of prestigious accommodations in high-end apartments and the finest hotels in Paris. Luxurious rooms offer breathtaking views of Olympic sites and the capital. Our concierges have curated unique properties through our partner network, unavailable on the market!

In the heart of Paris, close to dedicated event locations, accommodations ranging from 100m² to 400m² with numerous rooms and suites are still available.

Olympics games paris 2024

III – Michelin-Starred Restaurant Reservation Service

Paris is renowned for its exceptional gastronomy. Our luxury conciergerie reserves tables for you or your clients at Michelin-starred restaurants located near the trendiest Olympic events.

If you desire to privatize the entire restaurant for your guests, our teams handle all the organization dedicated to your current desires. Celebrate the victory of an athlete or your favorite team around a renowned table discreetly it’s possible. We have connections with numerous upscale restaurants in Paris that will welcome your guests or clients to make the moment unforgettable. If you wish, our concierges can assist you in customizing and decorating the venue to reflect your event.

Gastronomic Restaurant "I love Paris"

IV – Personalized Guided tours

Beyond the Paris Olympics, the capital is full of cultural treasures. City Premium can organize private guided tours of the city’s iconic sites tailored to your preferences. We provide accredited guides fluent in various languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and of course, English. Explore the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and other Parisian gems with a personal guide sharing in-depth knowledge of French history and culture. Guided tours with a Street Art theme for the younger ones are also possible. Venture beyond Paris! The region is home to many historical monuments and castles. The famous Palace of Versailles, the Château de Vaux Le Vicomte, or the vineyards in Champagne are just a few places to discover.

V – 24/7 Personalized Assistance

Our luxury concierge is at your service 24/7, including via instant messaging on WhatsApp, to address all your requests during the event. Need advice for the best route to an Olympic site or want to organize an exclusive evening after the events? The dedicated concierge team will ensure every detail of your stay is perfect.

Time is running out, so don’t wait any longer contact us now to build your own or your clients’ experience for this event.

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Chauffeured car

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