City Premium

With many years of experience, City Premium specialises in the provision of bespoke and fully customisable services. City Premium offers you solutions for your business or private trips, and allows you to discover many cities in France and other European regions.



Whether your trips are for personal or professional reasons, we can provide you with a personal driver, as well as a wide choice of comfortable and elegant high-end cars.



We can offer you personalised reception services, accommodation solutions, and cars with drivers for as long as you need.



For your internal or customer events, we can organise the logistics you need for the fluidity and smooth running of the event, both in terms of mobility needs and customisation requests by your guests.


PREMIUM services

Our philosophy is to adapt as closely as possible to your wishes and your needs.
We plan your trip as a designer would do, and we offer you a bespoke solution. Taking into account your needs and dreams: from the means of transport, to accommodation, to the places you would like to discover and to the activities you would want to take part in during your stay.

  • City Premium Tour
  • Special private guide
  • Photographer

Our bespoke
PREMIUM services

We take care of your trip from A to Z, whatever the desired mode of transport: commercial flight, jet, train. We provide on-site transfers and all of your travel arrangements from your accommodation to the event location. We select the closest accommodation that best suits your style (palace, boutique hotel, villa, luxury apartment), and also ensure the best seats thanks to partnerships with organisers and sports federations.

  • Driver
  • Home cooking
  • Personal shopper
  • Personal assistant

Our event
PREMIUM services

Your needs are specific, and deserve to be considered as such. Business travel, logistics and planning, City Premium offers each business profile an appropriate response, combining luxury and flexibility. The privatisation of locations adapted to your needs, the organisation of receptions, the coordination of the arrival and departure of guests, and the customisation of your proposed event.

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Incentive
  • Personalised support
  • On-site coordination

Our transport
PREMIUM services

From a single transfer or a meet and greet reception to the implementation of bespoke transport services, City Premium offers unique services that will meet all your expectations. With a keen sense of service and a job well done, we constantly redefine our offer around your needs.

  • Book a private jet
  • Book a Yacht
  • Car transfers

Our accomplishments

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