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As a corporate event designer for more than 10 years, our service offers to take care of your clients, guests and partners from their arrival at the airport or train station. We select the best accommodations and we take care of the transport logistics and the selection of service providers (caterers, florists, furniture rental…) essential to the success of your project. Customized services that will be the brand image of your company.

Your needs are specific and deserve to be considered as such. Business travel, logistics and planning, City Premium offers each business profile an adapted response combining luxury and flexibility. From the privatization of venues adapted to your needs, to the organization of receptions, to the coordination of the arrival/departure of guests and the personalization of your project.

Events Logistics


We look for the best transport solutions to carry your guests according to the number and the image you wish to give: luxury sedans or minivans, electric shuttles or buses allowing a greater transport capacity.


Our private concierge service will know, according to your specifications, how to select the best hotel establishments, reception venues and we will take care of the logistics of access to these different venues throughout the duration of your event.


From the beginning of your project, we designate a single contact person who will coordinate all the information concerning your guests (dates, places of arrival, special attention). During the mission, he will be on the ground, at your side, to organize, coordinate and facilitate the movements of your guests. The access to the places of your events also depends on his responsibility.


Inspire you to make your original event and make you benefit from our network of service providers. Imagine a contest for your guests, organize photo sessions, have your guests participate in creative, culinary, oenological or other workshops. All your ideas and our knowledge will make your occasion a moment that will mark your guests.


Calculating your travel times between the different locations of your event, and precisely coordinating the arrival and departure transfers of your guests, are part of our function when preparing your project. Planning, making the most of your time and that of your participants, is an imperative part of our event concierge services.


Delegating on-site logistics to us saves you precious time. Preparing the surroundings of the locations (hotels, event location, airports, stations, etc.) contributes to the success of your project. Anticipating your needs for equipment, vehicles, and technical and human support enables us to be fully operational on D-Day, and to facilitate last-minute organisational changes.

Our accomplishments

Paris Olympics 2024

Paris Olympics 2024

City Premium, creator of high-end customized events, team building organizer, VIP transportation for your employees or guests. Our experts are here to make your stay or that of your customers during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games an unforgettable experience.

Event creation In Paris

Event creation In Paris

City Premium, creator of high-end customized events, team building organizer, VIP transportation for your employees or guests. Nos experts sont là pour que votre événements soient une expérience inoubliable.

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